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Friday, 21 June 2024
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In the picturesque part of Ufa near the Yakutov park there is an Evangelic- Lutheran Church. It was built for the money of Mrs. Feck and presented by her to the parish. On the 21-st of January 1910 the church was examined by the governor of Ufa A. S. Klucharev and on the Sunday of the 31-st of January it was sanctified to function.

The ceremony was performed by the pastor from Samara Engelhard. Pastor Johann Nedel was the dean of the parish since 1910 till 1917 and after his death in 1937 he was buried in the graveyard of the church.

The circuit of travel

The divine service was performed in the German, Latvian and Estonic languages as the parishers were mostly from Germany and the Baltic Sea countries.

The building of the Lutheran Temple came to be in harmony with the architecture of Ufa of the beginning of the past century. Possessing decorative elements characteristic of European architecture of preroman and Roman periods it enriched the architectural variety of Ufa.

On the 31-st of December 1927 the Church Council made an agreement with the town administration to use the building for ever and free of charge.

But in July of 1930 the agreement was canceled and the building was passed to the Ufa engine-repair works. After that the church was reconstructed many times and it was used as a warehouse till 2000.

The church community came to life in February 2000. It was based on elderly Christians who managed to preserve the traditions of the Lutheran faith. There was elected the church council headed by Vladimir Melnikov. The community gathered in different places for its first divine services. It was so till August 2000 when according to the order of the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan the building of the church was returned to the Evangelic-Lutheran community of Ufa. Gradually the parishers were making themselves at home carrying out subbotniks and putting everything into order.

The Evangelic-Lutheran Community of Ufa is grateful of the government of Republic of Bashkortostan and to the authorities of the Evangelic-Lutheran Church for responsiveness and understanding owing to which it became possible to renew divine services in the historic building of the church.

The special gratitude is expressed to the eparchy of the Evangelic-Lutheran Church of European part of Russia for spiritual support, methodic help and donations for the restoration of the Temple.

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